Another Helpless Victim of Faith

How do you watch your own child die from starvation when you’ve got plenty of food right in front of you? What has to be wrong with you?

And after your child dies, what makes you dance around the corpse and pray, in faith that he will be resurrected? How delusional must you be to believe a 1-year old is possessed by a foreign spirit and can be cured by starvation and then brought back to life by prayer?

Javon ThompsonJavon Thompson, dead at 1-year old from starvation.

I would love to call it utter stupidity; but it’s worse than that. It’s called “religious faith.” It is yet another child dead at the hands of a faithful parent. Read the article entitled…

Trial in Baltimore tot’s starvation death postponed

By Dan Morse

Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, October 26, 2009

An excerpt:

“In early 2007, prosecutors allege, Queen Antoinette instructed her small band of followers in a West Baltimore rowhouse to deprive the child of food and water because he didn’t say “Amen” at breakfast. After Javon Thompson died, he was placed on a couch while followers knelt down and prayed in a failed effort at resurrection, according to prosecutors.”

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