Almost there!

I’m getting close to done with the redesign, after which I will seldom post on the crazy religious and faith-based news items of the day. There are plenty of sites that do that already.

Instead, I’m going to focus on critical thinking as it applies to faith and religion; not necessarily as a critique but as an examination. Of course some of it will definitely be an outright critique, but the hope is to invite you to THINK.

Many, if not most, of these will be in the form of short video, which was my original intent, to talk eye to eye on certain ideas.

For the time being until completion, I’ll be introducing a few items that can be discussed in print. Once I’m done with The God Challenge video, I’ll be good to go and ready to go public.

I have told no one about this site yet and write this just in case anyone is watching (I haven’t the foggiest who!) And mostly I’m doing it to blow off steam about the stupid crap that’s infesting the minds of lazy thinkers who are subject to believing whatever they’re told by those who seek to control others and take their money (as well as their vote).

After 9-11 and the Bush administration… I just can’t let this slide! The religion virus has got to be exposed! We are not yet out of the Dark Ages in spite of the light of science. And I do not want humankind to destroy itself from the fear of invisible monsters in the sky.

If there is a god, let us suppose he’s smarter than first century goat herders.

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