Eli and his “blind faith”

It was an awesome movie, until the punch line at the end. Everything was just enough to twist and malign one’s imagination to accept that Eli was being protected by God. All the missed bullets being fired at him, all the hand-to-hand combat with swords and knives, all the steadfast walking in one direction for 30 years was enough to say “I get it. God is protecting him.”

But to then discover at the end that Eli’s abilities were not only led by faith but “blind faith” was a sad spoiler. Faith might be able to stop you from walking off yet another cliff, since that inner voice of God can say, “Psst, hey Eli, there’s a cliff in front of you. Stop!” But faith can’t allow you to see a house 500 yards in the distance from a precipice if you’re friggin’ blind!

Let’s face it. If you can walk for thirty years in all kinds of terrain, all kinds of weather, knowing exactly what’s in front of you – even being able to shoot animals ripe for hunting with a bow and arrow – YOU AIN’T BLIND!

I’m sorry. The idea that Eli was doing all this while totally blind has given faith a bad rap. Faith can help you make a decision, albeit extremely poor ones. But faith cannot give you eye sight any more than prayer can heal amputees.

The movie industry has turned the metaphor of “blind faith” into a blockbuster story. Now we will surely have credulous believers thinking that such a thing is not only possible, but real.

I wonder when we’ll start making great movies that actually educate people?

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