Religious Fast Kills Evelyn Boyd

Evelyn Boyd, wife of Minister John Boyd, died while attempting a long religious fast, according to Bartow Bay News 9.

Religious fasting may have killed Evelyn BoydShe apparently locked herself in a room with a bible, a notepad, and some water. Then, after 21 days, her husband checked on her to find her dead. The story goes on to note that doctors said she had been dead at least 24 hours before that.

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First, my condolences go to her children and family. I know that religious decisions can be justified no matter how ridiculous they appear in the minds of those that do not believe, but the results are no less painful for those that do.

When people take their own life, in the name of a religious doctrine or belief, it is certainly their prerogative. I am thankful she didn’t take the life of a child based on those beliefs, as so many do.

The article does note that, according to her husband, she didn’t believe in doctors. Fair enough. But what bothers me is the cop-out statement by her husband that, “God called her home.”

Really? Starving one’s self to death equals God calling them home? I don’t wish to be callous because of her grieving relatives, but such a statement is an attempt to divert attention away from the fact of neglect. Again, out of respect to her familial survivors I won’t say any more about that.

But what I will say has to do with the belief itself. It is a religious belief, that fasting somehow brings one closer to God. Well it certainly has a tendency to bring one closer to death, but to a God remains to be discovered.

Superstition claims another life. But in this case, based on the frequency of Evelyn’s locking herself away from the world without food, it was obvious her world was not one in which she wanted to stay.

Farewell Evelyn.

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