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Though comments might be moderated and eliminated for spam and other signs of missing intelligence, the only comments that will be eliminated FOR SURE and up front will be those containing ad hominem.

“An ad hominem argument, also known as argumentum ad hominem (Latin: “argument to the person” or “argument against the person”) is an argument which links the validity of a premise to a characteristic or belief of a person advocating the premise[1].”

[1] [Source:]

In other words, we do NOT argue the person here. We argue the person’s idea. This means that when replying to a person or a person’s post or article, calling them a moron, buffoon, ignorant, saint, poophead, genius, or any other characteristic having nothing to do with the person’s idea… will be immediately deleted.


Content contribution is open to relevant subjects, and all viewpoints are welcome. There are two main conventions to submitting article content:

If at all possible, when writing on subjects of epistemology, write articles in the spirit of e-prime. This might prove difficult for many people and so this rule is very, very relaxed. The subject matters of faith, truth, epistemology, religion, belief, etc. are typically so opinionated and laced with emotional constructs, metaphor, and imagery, it is often difficult to distinguish between points meant to illustrate and points meant to be factual.

And so by keeping to the spirit of E-prime the writer strives to be explicit regarding source experience and absolute propositions.

And also by keeping metaphor unmixed with literal content, clarity can be gained! Clarity of thought is the purpose of this convention. And as long as clarity of thought is maintained by vigilant literal prose, your article can be evaluated with the utmost of ease and understanding.

Thank you for this small but important detail to clarity. (It also keeps the claptrap to a minimum.)

Do not agonize over E-prime, simply read the purpose of it and try to keep to the spirit of it by maintaining the clarity. You may find a short Wikipedia article on utilizing E-prime, here.


I may feature your video if you drop me a line and a link where I can view it. Unfortunately all videos must be moderated in this fashion because bandwidth is still expensive. Primary consideration, of course is relevance and length.

General Content:

Though this site is available to everyone, contributing content is only for those that actually think about these things and whose contribution aims to add to the understanding of human knowledge regarding Truth and Faith and their effects on the human condition.

Thank you for your understanding.


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