There are countless examples of extreme harm from faith based beliefs. From suicide bombers to centuries long Crusades, faith based terrorism continues to hold the world hostage by invisible Gods.

It never occurs to people that a Supreme Being, by virtue of being all-powerful, hardly requires the necessity of an “agent” (e.g., a man) to do his dirty work. And yet century after century men continue to kill and hate to gain favor from these invisible masters.

This site hopes to bring into question the truthfulness of certain religious beliefs against the real-life world of reality, by examining the efficacy of those beliefs upon humankind.

In this day and age of nuclear and biological weapons, religious wars and hatreds have become intolerable. There just isn’t much spiritual satisfaction in the knowledge that the greatest threat to human survival is another man’s wanton enslavement to an invisible master.

And so I begin, not with an appeal to reason (that doesn’t work with the faithful) but with a supererogation of moral accountability. I begin with our lovely and precious children.

How can your faith be true; how can your faith be right, if by following it you tacitly allow the extreme suffering and death of those under your care, whom you supposedly love? If there was a such thing as a Devil, could your faith possibly make him more proud?

Challenge your beliefs! It would be a sad commentary to discover that the extinction of the human race came from the fear of invisible monsters who never were.

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