Catholic Church Sex Scandals (HUNGRY BEAST)

The Beast File: Catholic Church Sex Scandals (HUNGRY BEAST)

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Description: The Pope claims that the rape and molestation of children by Catholic priests is the fault of immorality in modern society.

abchungrybeast: “The Church’s first official document referring to the problem of sexual abusing children was in the year 60 AD. All of the documents referred to in this piece are real and have been fact checked.”

Sam Harris, La Ciudad de las Ideas 2009

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Description: Sam Harris explains what a person must (should) consider in examining the Christian biblical narrative.

Religious Fast Kills Evelyn Boyd

Evelyn Boyd, wife of Minister John Boyd, died while attempting a long religious fast, according to Bartow Bay News 9.

Religious fasting may have killed Evelyn BoydShe apparently locked herself in a room with a bible, a notepad, and some water. Then, after 21 days, her husband checked on her to find her dead. The story goes on to note that doctors said she had been dead at least 24 hours before that.

Read more here, and here, The

First, my condolences go to her children and family. I know that religious decisions can be justified no matter how ridiculous they appear in the minds of those that do not believe, but the results are no less painful for those that do.

When people take their own life, in the name of a religious doctrine or belief, it is certainly their prerogative. I am thankful she didn’t take the life of a child based on those beliefs, as so many do.

The article does note that, according to her husband, she didn’t believe in doctors. Fair enough. But what bothers me is the cop-out statement by her husband that, “God called her home.”

Really? Starving one’s self to death equals God calling them home? I don’t wish to be callous because of her grieving relatives, but such a statement is an attempt to divert attention away from the fact of neglect. Again, out of respect to her familial survivors I won’t say any more about that.

But what I will say has to do with the belief itself. It is a religious belief, that fasting somehow brings one closer to God. Well it certainly has a tendency to bring one closer to death, but to a God remains to be discovered.

Superstition claims another life. But in this case, based on the frequency of Evelyn’s locking herself away from the world without food, it was obvious her world was not one in which she wanted to stay.

Farewell Evelyn.

Faith Healing Parents Get 16 Months In Prison

Update on the Neil Beagley case: Jeffrey and Marci Beagley, found guilty of “criminally negligent homicide in the June 2008 death of their 16-year-old son, Neil, of complications from a congenital urinary tract blockage. The condition normally is easily treated.” AP

Says Tampa Deism Examiner, Bob Johnson

“At the root of the problem of killing children through faith-healing is the Bible. It’s vitally important for the sake of the children that people come to realize that God had nothing to do with the Bible. The Bible was written by the ancient Hebrews and VOTED to be the world of God by mere men. Once sincere Christians, like the Beagleys, are taught these critically important facts and realize that their God-given reason is much more important than man-made ancient books, the killing of innocent children will stop.”

Well said, Bob! That makes two of us.

Muslim Honor Killings – Maryam Namazie

Misogyny – a Cultural terrorism, or religious? In a theocracy, there is no difference.

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Duration: 5:59 min. Tags: honor killing, religious terrorism

Description: Maryam Namazie speaks on the Islamic practice of killing women that don’t behave the way the family or cultural likes.

EMBED-Muslim Honor Killings – Maryam Namazie – Watch more free videos

Great Minds: Richard Dawkins – ‘We Are Going To Die!’

Why we are the lucky ones.

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These few words you are about to hear exemplify the wonder and significance of each and every life. [Part of "The God Delusion" lecture at UC Berkeley campus in Wheeler Auditorium, March 2008.]

Biblical Description of Heaven

The Bible for beginners (Part 2)

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Posted on Feb. 06, 2010
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“1 in 3 of on this planet identify themselves as Christians, yet very few (ca 10%) have ever read the Bible.” This is the biblical description of Heaven.

“The blockage forced urine into the boy’s lungs…”

“…and other body cavities, making it difficult for his lungs and heart to function, he testified.”

Latest update on the Neil Beagley faith healing case; the testimony from autopsy reveals Neil had life-long urinary obstruction which caused his organs to deform to compensate for the backed-up urine.

It was noted that a visit to the doctor would have saved his life up to the final hours of his long and excruciating death. His parents were members of the Followers of Christ, a congregation that relies on faith healing instead of doctors. Neil was 16 years old.

Read the full update here: Clackamas County News, Oregon.

a New Way to Explain Explanation

David Deutsch – a New Way to Explain Explanation
Length: 17:15 Category: Truth

Addressing TED:

“For tens of thousands of years our ancestors understood the world through myths, and the pace of change was glacial. The rise of scientific understanding transformed the world within a few centuries. Why? Physicist David Deutsch proposes a subtle answer.”

Eli and his “blind faith”

It was an awesome movie, until the punch line at the end. Everything was just enough to twist and malign one’s imagination to accept that Eli was being protected by God. All the missed bullets being fired at him, all the hand-to-hand combat with swords and knives, all the steadfast walking in one direction for 30 years was enough to say “I get it. God is protecting him.”

But to then discover at the end that Eli’s abilities were not only led by faith but “blind faith” was a sad spoiler. Faith might be able to stop you from walking off yet another cliff, since that inner voice of God can say, “Psst, hey Eli, there’s a cliff in front of you. Stop!” But faith can’t allow you to see a house 500 yards in the distance from a precipice if you’re friggin’ blind!

Let’s face it. If you can walk for thirty years in all kinds of terrain, all kinds of weather, knowing exactly what’s in front of you – even being able to shoot animals ripe for hunting with a bow and arrow – YOU AIN’T BLIND!

I’m sorry. The idea that Eli was doing all this while totally blind has given faith a bad rap. Faith can help you make a decision, albeit extremely poor ones. But faith cannot give you eye sight any more than prayer can heal amputees.

The movie industry has turned the metaphor of “blind faith” into a blockbuster story. Now we will surely have credulous believers thinking that such a thing is not only possible, but real.

I wonder when we’ll start making great movies that actually educate people?