What to Believe

Challenge not the faithfulness of your beliefs but the truthfulness of your beliefs. For what good is a strong belief in that which is false?

Belief in God

If you must believe in a god, realize that an all-knowing, all-powerful, all-pervasive Being need speak to no person through a written book, let alone a book written by someone else! Why would a Being, who could communicate with every atom in the universe directly, and simultaneously, need to communicate through a book? Books are Man-Made! Let us suppose that God has better technology than the limitations of Men. What, then, would be the book written by God?

Did God write a book?

If  God wrote a book, what book would that be? It would have to be a book that GOD actually wrote, not a book Man wrote (claiming it to be written by a God)! The book God wrote is His Creation, the actual universe, from atom to cosmos, THAT would have to be His book — because all that is in it tells a story of truth, and when studied with honesty, gives the same factual knowledge to all, regardless of language, place, station, or belief!

Every fact of Nature as discovered in this book by one person is exactly the same as for another! And knowledge from this book can be tested and verified and confirmed for each and every person that cares to examine its contents. No law of Nature was written by Man, and yet every man (and every thing) is subject to these very same laws.

Those who study God’s book are the Scientists; they are the true priests, their knowledge and station is earned. Those who educate about its contents are the Teachers; they are the true clerics of actual knowledge. Those who utilize this knowledge are the captains of industry, the creators of wealth for the benefit of improving the quality of life for now and for each successive generation hereafter. God’s book teaches us the facts. The false books teach us superstition and intolerance towards the world and each other.

You can tell the false priests (and the false books!) because what they say differs from one to another and you must accept their books and teachings on faith. The real word of God need not be established upon anything but testable and repeatable demonstration. Facts do not require the assistance of faith. Facts stand on their own. Such is the difference between that which is true, and that which is false. Such is the difference between the scientist and the priest, the schoolmaster and the clergy. One studies and teaches the truth, the other studies superstition and preaches the false.

True Miracles

The true miracles come not from superstition and lore, but from the utilization and harmony of learned facts. We have put spaceships on distant planets, seen into the infancy of the universe, developed cures for diseases, and we can speak to one another in real time from thousands of miles away, and more. These are the miracles of science, from the study of God’s real book. From it we learn to master the universe and to be responsible for ourselves.

But what have we learned from the man-made books of God, other than the fear of eternal torture, the worship of a jealous god, and the bribery of eternal heaven in exchange for belief? We have learned that god hates: fags, shelled fish (lobster, crab, shrimp, etc.), graven images, blemished sacrifices, astrology, witches, wizards, remarriage (to the same person), certain burnt offerings, divorce, cross-dressing, approaching any woman during the time of her “uncleanness”, trimming one’s beard, getting a tattoo, haughty eyes, charging or paying interest, wearing blended fabrics, all that have not fins and scales in the seas, everyone who curses his father or his mother (shall surely be put to death), swine, eating insects that creep on all fours (all fours?), etc., etc., etc.

We have learned that we should stone women to death if they are found not ‘virgin’ on their wedding night; we have learned that we should not plow with an ox and an ass together; we have learned that you can’t go to church if your testicles are damaged or your penis has been cut off; we have learned that God won’t let bastards attend church, nor their children, or children’s children; we have learned that donkeys and snakes can talk; we have learned that a woman turned into salt for looking back; we have learned that the entire world was flooded and everybody died (except about eight people — even though the rest of the world kept on living); Jacob has a wrestling match with god… and wins; when god opens the windows of heaven it rains; and that every species on earth lived within walking distance of Noah’s house. We have learned not to suffer a woman to teach, nor usurp authority over the man, and to keep silent in church for it is not permitted unto them to speak; nor shall a woman adorn herself, not with “broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array,” for Adam was the first formed;  etc., etc., etc.

Oh; And your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you (not from your own community).

The moral depravities and absurdities from these ancient books are endless. And we are to believe these came from, or were inspired by, an intelligent god? Would you like to see the REAL Ten Commandments?

The Great Pretenders

Today’s preachers, the pretend teachers of God, know no more now than they did two thousand years ago. The reason is that the books from which they preach reflect only what the authors believed true, two-thousand years ago. They had little science on which to depend for their knowledge; their world was explained by invisible Beings behind every phenomena. Some were evil, called devils and demons, and some were good, called angels and gods. They were slaves to placating these imagined spirits because they were afraid. They knew nothing about how the world around them worked. All they had was superstition and fear. And so that’s what they wrote. And to this day, no God of scripture has ever enjoyed a greater understanding or greater technology than the culture that created It. Haven’t you noticed?

Imagine if Moses had come down from the Mount with an indestructible borazon forged lap-top computer! Instead, his god was reduced to writing on rock. Imagine Mohamed riding to heaven on a delta-winged space craft! Instead, he rode to heaven on a winged horse. They knew of no computers, they knew of no space craft; how, therefore, could their gods?

These You Should Know

If there be a God that wrote a book, that book would be the universe and all of its natural laws, because everything in it is a demonstration of those laws; and from them, everything in it was created, and we can all have a seat at its study. Those who study this book are called scientists.

Just one great teacher of critical thought, showing how to discover verifiable, demonstrable facts, teaching not what to think but HOW to think, is worth easily 10,000 ecclesiastical preachers of superstition and faith.

Truth is not afraid of challenge; it begs it. Therefore, challenge your beliefs; what are you afraid of?

Follow your kindness and honesty for your morals, your reason and logic for your intelligence, your love and passion for your happiness. The meaning of life is to “live it.” We have only a short time of existence; live it fully.

And finally, know this stubbornly in your heart, your mind, and your deepest soul:
If it’s not true… it’s bullshit. Could philosophy be any simpler?


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  1. Caelyn
    June 8, 2011 | 8:04 PM

    Great common sense here. Wish I’d thuohgt of that.

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